More Kiss the Giss 2006 updates coming soon

...including details of the promotional campaign for the song! You'll be able to set your VCRs (how quaint) several months in advance!

Also coming: Bar Review: The Julep Lounge, Car Parks Review: Civic, Woden, Belconnen, Linda Bengtzing hits Canberra.

This is going to be WORLDWIDE

Numerous numerous numerous and MANY blogs around Australia are now supporting Kiss the Giss 2006. Of course there is the original, CFBGoesPop, but there's also:

I'm Always Right

Australian World Cup 2006 Song nomination launched!

Thanks to CFBGoesPop's foresight in starting up the bandwagon, and Fop's jumping on the bandwagon, PopGoesCanberra is now running desperately behind the bandwagon, trying to catch up.

And in what a way!

PopGoesCanberra has formulated the winning combination (kicked the winning goal, etc., etc.) for the ideal Australian World Cup 2006 song. In PopGoesCanberra's opinion, the best two soccer-"themed" songs have been Bomfunk MCs feat. Jessica Folker I Know There's Something Going On (yes, the chorus covers Frida from ABBA's amazing solo track produced by Phil Collins) and Shirley Clamp's (We Will Be) Champions (featuring the lyrics "Yellow and blue/just like the sun in heaven/the magic eleven)

Therefore, the "ideal" Australian pop song, as suggested by Alyson from CFBGoesPop, is "Land Down Under." But not some boring cover. No. This will be an AMAZING super cover.

The official, full title wil be "Bomfunk MCs featuring Laura Gissara and Shirley Clamp with Special Guest Enya, Land Down Under (The Aussie World Cup Song)"

It's a mouthful, but necessary.

The Bomfunks, Shirley and Enya will fly Lauda Air to Sydney and then take Murrays Coaches to Bega. Laura will travel to Bega by Limousine. They will record at Tiffani, Chanel and In-Grid's Bega Valley Studios (BVS) at a discounted rate ($100 000 per day), which will provide the ideal collaborative musical environment in a pleasant Australian bush setting.

The lyrics are yet to be completely formulated, but the basic structure will be as such:

[Bomfunk MCs do total rehashed "world game" Finnish version of the Men at Work Classic - Verse 1]

You know yeah
We're travelling
Speed of light
Kombi head full of zombie
I met a strange lady
She kicked a ball
I said is that all
And she said

[Laura and Shirley - Chorus]

Do you come from a land down under
Where women glow and men plunder
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder
You better run, you better take cover
That green and gold
Just like the wattle on the trees
The Aussies are the bees' knees

[Bomfunk MCs - Verse 2]

[Laura and Shirley - Verse 3]

[Bomfunk MCs - Middle 8]

[Laura and Shirley - various "wo oh" noises to indicate up-coming drama]

[Enya - Breakdown - second Middle 8 - mixture of French and Gaelic - Enya critical ingredient with big beats and strings arranged by Richard Carpenter, guitar by Sting, Sinead O'Connor is OK alternative if Enya unavailable. This came to PopGoesCanberra while doing Sun Salutations at Les Mills BodyBalance]

[Laura, Shirley and Enya- Chorus x 3, two key changes and clean finish, plus jingly chimes in the wind to fade out]

Please get behind this song idea. It's the ideal world game song, at it's heart it's Australian, but features Swedish, Finnish, Celtic, Italian, French and American influences. It will be perfect and will outsell Shannon and Anthony COMBINED. The video will feature Sydney nightclub scenes, Sydney Harbour shots, Western Suburbs Tyre Yard scenes, Uluru, and interspliced with shots of the Australia vs Uruguay game from Wednesday night.