Kiss the Giss 2006 Demo Song

A demo version of Laura Gissara feat. Bomfunk MCs, Shirley Clamp and Enya "Down Under (The Aussie World Cup Song 2006)" has been produced.

I encourage you all to download and have a listen by clicking here.

Take note of the Finnish, Swedish, Australian, French and Gaelic influences. Now all it needs is that Italian Giss touch and sparkling production from Chanel, Tiffani and In-Grid's Bega Valley Studios (BVS).

What's Hot and What's Not: December 2005

What's Hot
1. Fyshwick Markets - Get Fresh!

The best place to shop in Canberra. Huge variety of people wandering around hot and sweaty looking for great meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegies at great prices...and FINDING THEM! Yay for them! Asparagus for 99c a bunch...avocados 99c each...Russian garlic (blessed by tATu perhaps?) for $2.99 a bag...99c/kg for fresh Fuji apples...$2.99 for 700g Free Range Eggs...29c/kg for watermelon...$39.90/kg Morbier cheese...2 BBQ chooks for $'s brilliant! And that's not even mentioning the seller men who shout at you things about mangoes and peaches and bananas and have funny "rhymes" like "lovely lovely... lovely...mangoes.... wanna try a mango...madam? na na na na banana!" How cheery! Why go to Coles Manuka and get that ice maiden 15yo kid service when you get actual friendly 15yo kids and Asian women who know their vegies!

2. Warm weather

Don't go!

3. Madonna "Hung up"

Face it, it's brilliant. I'm not hearing it enough though around Canberra. More please! Still a James Blunt overdose here...

What's Not

1. Action Buses

You'd think I would have learned my lesson yeah? No. The other day I got a lift in to work and thought I might take the bus home. Surely I would be sitting amongst a normal crowd of people and not struck by some smelly man? Not on your life.

I sit down on the one empty seat and I'm opposite this man who sells pictures around the city...harmless enough, but going on and on about something or other using the word "domination" a lot. No idea why.

The smell on this bus, honestly, it was like teenage girl BO mixed with their cheapy Impulse deodorant or whatever it is they use these days mixed with mandarin peel mixed with cigarette smoke mixed with unwashed bums on seats x 10 years. Not hot!

2. Horrible corporate entities buying your gym

Imagine're bending over swilling water from the water fountain during your workout when you realise (on reading the notice placed next to the fountain) that your quality independent classy $800 a year gym has just been taken over by a horrible "chain" gym and that "nothing will change!" Nothing! Yeah right! You are going to have to pay to get a professional program done, previously free. Oh but wait, they will have complimentary DVD hire! You join a gym, to go to the gym, and get fit, yet they won't give you complimentary/included instruction on how to get fit, but they will give you a DVD to take home and watch. That's very sensible. The next day I'm on the gym floor and this guy walks in, he looks like a cross between a sleazy hotel concierge and a sleazy Cash Converters worker. Wearing all black. Long sleeved black shirt, in the gym. With then name of the gym chain in its girly branded glory on the back collar. How ridiculous. No more nice casual, sporty t-shirts. Just icky icky uniforms! And you know what, apparently they are going to install turnstiles! Lack of trust galore! And you know what, they've already put complaints forms on the counter, permanently. Like they are expecting complaints! Well you know what, they're gonna get some from PopGoesCanberra!