What's Hot or Not Autumn 2006

This is in no particular order...


1. Punch

Preferably weak and then getting stronger as the night goes on...add some champagne...vodka...tequila...absinthe...jungle juice...and you end up wonderfully sloshed amongst fine company at a wonderful Canberra house party.

2. The back page of The Sydney Morning Herald

It's so darn funny. I spend all day...well 20 minutes anyway reading "Stay in Touch", "Heckler" and "Column 8".

3. Delta Goodrem Together we are one

Thank goodness they've woken up to themselves and are releasing this as a single. I got goosebumps while watching her at the Commonwealth Games. Come back to our shores if the Americans don't want you you silly tart.

4. Infernal coming to Australia

Oh how exciting is this! Very! I want to see sexy blonde chick and hot Danish guy LIVE please. My prayers have been answered. April 21 in Sydney.

5. Sex

It's not bad is it.

6. Today Tonight

Did I just say that? There are now more bogans on Neighbours than TT now. Today Tonight is roaring through the ratings and good on 'em. They do trash so WELL. It's worth watching just for Naomi Robson's little remarks.

7. The Biggest Loser

More trash done well. And it's Australian too! Go you good things. Especially Kristie...she's pretty!

8. Survivor - Panama

I hate Survivor. But wait...we found ourselves watching it tonight. Not just for Aras the yoga lavender-loving man but also the team names...YOUNGER MEN...YOUNGER WOMEN...OLDER MEN...OLDER WOMEN...unless you're into animals, there is something for EVERYBODY!!! It's like the ideal dating scene.

9. Coffee in Manuka on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon with the Sun-Herald.

Eat greasy chips, drink latte, get your feet red and read "S". It doesn't get much better.

10. Melbourne

Sexiest city in Australia.


1. Heaving buses roaring past on Constitution Avenue.

You smell! You are loud! And you are filled with people silly enough not to take a car to work!

2. Bridge works on Kings Avenue Bridge.

Over it!

3. Sunglasses combined with an mp3 player while walking around Canberra

The ultimate in "I'm not interested in social interaction with anyone at all...you can't speak to me, you can't see my eyes, you don't know where I'm looking but I'm not interested in you so I'm highly likely not looking at you even though you are staring at me."

I can't think of any more because I'm in a positive mood today. Might add some more when I'm in a bad mood (hopefully not this week!)