Australia Day Live 2008: review

Australia Day Live is over for another year.

Let's review it in pictures!!...

"I'm not Sandra Sully, nor Gretel Killeen, nor Andrew G."

This is just nice.

"I really should be assisting Karl and Lisa in the ratings battle with Sunrise but right now I really can't be fucked"

"The cigarette and the collar only accentuate my shit-hotness"

"Wear a belt, boy" - concerned parent

"Yes, along with making amazing pop music, I do a bit of pickpocketing on the side" - random Veronica

"Hey, security dude, hook me up, I wanna feel a drumstick in my tummy" - Veronica 1 to Veronica 2

The Veronicas hard at work.

"Why am I here?....Canberra fans are such bogans..."

"I wasn't alive when Blockbusters was on the television, so I have no idea who the man on the big screen is" - guy wiping his nose
"I look like a bit like Boyd from Neighbours, except my muscles aren't as big" - guy in singlet

"I have two plastic phalli jammed between my legs"

Testosterone-fuelled, 'yoof' rampage while Indian sex guru Ben Lee sings on.

"I'm not really into Ben Lee either"

Oestrogen-fuelled 'yoof' rampage

PopGoesCanberra = lost for words

"Hello! Hello! Nice to see you!"

"Take a walk along the beach? Sure...but don't try to touch me, don't try to touch me" - Girl with pink handbag to man in jeans

"I prefer to rampage, fuelled by testosterone, and make strange signals to bloggers, rather than watch a man with curly hair and facial hair 'sing' "

Need we say more?

Pretty lights on Parliament House!!!

"My name is Ricki-Lee Coulter and I am disgusted that Channel Ten choose to censor my 'Love is all around' video by removing the loving gay kiss on Sunday mornings."

Totally not-thought out rating for Australia Day Live 2008: 5/10.

"My Family": Worst British comedy ever?

"My Family" is awful! It is even worse than "No Job For A Lady", a hideous sitcom starring Penelope Keith where she plays a lady parliamentarian.

Meanwhile, "The Complete Guide to Parenting" is very good. Very good indeed. Best line tonight was when the New Zealand Au Pair was complaining/crying about her boyfriend dumping her "this girl who works there, she's a trainee baRIsta, she tixted me and shi said 'fuck off you kiwi slag". !!!!!

Seen at Coles Manuka.... (#2)

...a guy who looks just like the actors they use in The Bill to play pedophiles. I would say he looked like a pedophile but we are not sure we've ever seen one.

"Phil! Neil! I know his psychological profile. I will get him"

Seen at Coles Manuka...

...a checkout operator who looks just like Ben McKenzie!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming to you from a hot and steamy Canberra couch....

Happy New Year all!

Due to popular appeal (from the likes of the wonderful CFBGoesPop - coming soon with a new Nikki Webster telly show - and Eurotrash) PopGoesCanberra is back, with a new camera too, so it'll be quite a multimedia affair, in theory.

Coming up, we hope to bring you reports from Darwin and Kazakhstan.

For now, a quick restaurant review wrap-up from around Canberra.

Cape Cod

Clever seafood, friendly and professional (and HOT) service, great wine.....this is a great Canberra restaurant.


A case of all style and no substance. These try-hard, bland, up-themselves-with-their-icky-hair-and-average-food-at-above-average
price restaurants are just becoming all too common around Canberra these days. Nice toilets though.


Babars new premises in the Canberra Centre are open and I wasn't tempted to go and try the food because of the truly hideous colour scheme. Cool in summer perhaps but the red, black and the white are totally unwelcoming.

I can't be bothered doing any more, because PGC hasn't been able to afford eating out much lately.

On a dining related note, what is with the throngs of people all sitting there eating at Cream, Sammys and Wagamama in the Canberra Centre. The food is sort of alright, but where do these people get the money and the impetus to sit there up there like stuffed monkeys with bogans driving around in cars all around them, on a weeknight? Seriously!

This is quite amazing

Can you ever imagine Celine Dion boogieing while Rihanna sings with a contestant on Australian Idol?

Rihanna Feat. Claudia - Don't stop the music [Live]
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