Natalie Barr from Seven Sunrise gropes budget airline guest

After the Long Tan delayed ANZAC dawn service/Keven Rudd fiasco, another scandal has struck Channel Seven's Sunrise program.

A video that reveals newsreader Natalie Barr's previous life as a budget British airline flight attendant has come to light on YouTube. Watch at the 2 minute countdown mark as she goes too far with a security check on a young gentleman patron!

Napisan Tragedy

Disaster struck at PopGoesCanberra headquarters today when a wonderful stripey jumper from Retrostar in Melbourne was dunked in Napisan without being colourfast tested. Stripes are now gone and pinkypurpleness is spread throughout the jumper. Absolut tragedy.

Good news? Ausculture Jess has got a JOB spouting the nonsense that she sprouts, here.

BWO are launching Chariots of Fire in the UK and did an amazing performance at Popjustice Live 2.0 in London of their brilliant cover of Alcazar's Saved My Pride. Cheer yourself up by watching here. Note Martin's nice singlet, hair and arms, Alexander's facial hair and don't note Marina because you can hardly see her in the dark.

Crap Food on Qantas flights: an update

You know how we were saying that it's good how on the Dash-8 services you sometimes get nice crackers with nice cheese and nice wine? Well apparently that's only after 4pm. Before 4pm, you just get crap paninis, as per usual. I made it quite clear to the male trolley dolly (sorry, been watching too much Mile High) that I was not happy with this situation:

- Do we get nice crackers on this flight?
- No, that's only on flights after 4pm.
- Oh.

10 minutes later while he is serving tea and coffee:

- Do we get nice wine on this flight?
- No, that's only on flights after 4pm.
- Oh.

Lovely Canberra Autumn Evening - a haiku by PopGoesCanberra

Acorns fall around
Dido drifts across the night:
While Flag meets black cat

Well, do you like it?