Dream (but realistic) Australia Day Live Concert

Live from the lawns of Australia's Parliament House!

Hosted by Andrew G and Gretel Killeen!

With Sandra Sully and new Neighbours star Sam Clark on roaming mics!

Warm up act: Sonya (Shirley Clamp's best friend) & buff dancers

Warmer act: Candee Jay
(including special "duet" of If I Were You with Young Divas)

Hot act: Martin Stenmarck
(Canberra has forgiven him for what he did to Nanne)

Stupendous act: t.A.T.u.

  1. All About Us (with special guests The Veronicas)
  2. Loves Me Not
  3. Stars
  4. Ya Soshla S Ama
  5. Outer Space (as Comet McNaught flies over Red Hill)
  6. Not Gonna Get Us (with special guest the goth from Australian Princess)

Things I love #1

Swedish people:

Such energy!

Always nice hair and clothes (though not sure about the tie)!

Things I hate #1

  • The sound of car brakes in underground car parks
  • Walking up dodgy grungey staircases in underground car parks
  • When old blokes position themselves and their bench less than a foot away from the little dumbell stand at the gym so that you have to squeeze past them all the time