Mile High: in the air and up the mountain

On the coldest Canberra night in two years, the amazing UK drama/comedy Mile High returned to Australia's screens. What a pleasure.

Thank you Channel Seven for bringing this little touch of the wonderful FRESH lifestyle to us over this cold period. But why so late at night? This should be prime time viewing.

Meanwhile the ski resorts are finally open. Hurry up and open up Blue Cow and Guthega dear Perisher and I will be up there in a flash.

What's hot and what's not in Canberra food and drink

What's HOT

Deek's Bakery. Awesome grain-free, tasty, high protein breads, fresh pasta, lovely warm wooden feel, young multicultural looking, professional staff and all blessed by Robert deCastella.

Sabayon. Third in the Aubergine and Courgette restaurant trilogy, it offers beautiful food, beautiful (spunky staff) service, beautiful white tablecloths at value prices. Best place for guaranteed great experience in Civic.

Happys. Best after a few drinks on a Friday night and a little banquet with people you don't really know. Try not to start a food fight.

Jim Murphy's Market Cellars. Jim Murphy on the ad seems as though he's enjoyed quite a bit of his own wares. Great prices and spunky, genuinely friendly and helpful staff.

Gus'. Awesome soup, great on a winter's night, spunky, flirtatious staff.

What's NOT

. We had horrible food and horrible service there last year. Now the fact that it is awful has been picked up on by the fabulous Wendy Johnson of CityNews magazine. Word is spreading.

Canberra Centre Food Court. So sick of it. Lower the prices and up the choice please.

Ardeche. I felt sick after eating here. Icky. And it aint French.

Belgian Beer Cafe. Overpriced food and standoffish service.

MeccaBah. Nowhere near as much fun in the winter as the summer, the staff are a bit too friendly and the food is overpriced.

Basa fish. Anywhere. It's from the Mekong River and tastes like mud. And it's the only sort of fish you can get at most takeaway shops in Canberra. Disgusting.