Russian lesbians set to hit Canberra once more!

Fake Russian lesbians will rule the world once more. And, Canberra being a significant part of the world means that tATu will ("will" meaning highly unlikely that they will, but in an ideal world will) be hitting the Canberra Theatre on 1 December 2005. They will perform an epic showcase concert complete with miming and live sequences, Richard Carpenter will guest on guitar and Trevor Horn will be driving them around. Canberra teens will riot otside the Park Hyatt Canberra while Julia and Lena pretend to have sex and break stuff inside. It will be momentous.

The song itself is All About Us. I have obtained a 30 second clip that is supposedly what the Japanese management released as a mobile ring tone. It sounds amazing WITHOUT bass. What will it be like WITH bass? It sounds like All The Things She Said mixed with a touch of ABBA and a pinch of Sugababes.

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