Natalie Barr from Seven Sunrise gropes budget airline guest

After the Long Tan delayed ANZAC dawn service/Keven Rudd fiasco, another scandal has struck Channel Seven's Sunrise program.

A video that reveals newsreader Natalie Barr's previous life as a budget British airline flight attendant has come to light on YouTube. Watch at the 2 minute countdown mark as she goes too far with a security check on a young gentleman patron!

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EuroTrash said...

Oh SCOOCH!!!! How I love thee...

Monsieur PopGoesCanberra, thanks for posting this up! I´ll be proudly flying the Canberra flag when I rock up at Eurovision in Helsinki in under a fortnight´s time!!! YAY!

As a Canberran on the road, I was inspired by your efforts on here, so I´ve set up

Watch the SBS broadcast of Eurovision and try and spot the Australian flag in the crowd...

aif Weidersehn,