What's Not (hot)

Many things are not hot at the moment in Canberra.

First things first.

BMWs. What were once nice cars have been taken over by total and utter bogany types with hideous mullety hair who want to show off a lot and be very silly, really. And they usually have silly customised numberplates too, and drive too fast.

The staff at Fitness First Deakin - they have all changed - why so? The old ones were nice. These ones are all young and quite unhelpful. PGC prefers young and quite helpful.

Young men at Coles Manuka buying condoms excitedly at 6pm on a Saturday night. We don't want to know that you are having sex tonight, lest you set off our envious sexometers!

The Sideshow on the ABC. It's not very good really.

Air Crash Investigations being on at the same time as Summer Heights High.

Traffic lights along this section of Ballumbi St, Civic:

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They are terrible! They are not sychronised at all and once can be quite possibly caught by five in a row turning red one after the other!

Lack of street sensuality by Canberran folk.

Gatherings of young men in hoodies, smoking, outside McDonalds Manuka.


Who Me? said...
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Who Me? said...


I'm hearin' you about the staff at Deakin!

Adem IAR said...

Oh THE SIDESHOW is a bloody JOKE isn't it? And not the sort of funny-ha-ha joke they're TRYING to be. Excruciating to watch them recycle jokes that were funny a hundred years ago when they did them originally on Good News Week.

EuroTrash said...

Hello!! Welcome back to the blogosphere!

I definitely need more clarification on the term "street sensuality" please!

I am slightly disturbed by the thought of seeing the types of people on the streets here in Canberra displaying any sort of sensuality.

comicstriphero said...

Man, you are right on the money about Ballumbir street.

I live in fear of those lights and only travel along there if I absolutely must (ie, I need to get into the Canberra Centre for some bogan spotting or something).