Transportation Review: Canberra Buses

ACTION is the name of the Canberra bus company.

Great things about Canberra buses:

- They run pretty much on time
- They aren't hideously old

Horrible things about Canberra buses:

- They are cesspools of infection. This morning, someone sneezed behind me. I hate that. I held my breath. Then, someone sneezed in front of me. I hate that. I held my breath, a bit Destiny's Child style. But they lost it, I held it. Then someone was coughing heaps. I hate that. Especially when you can hear the pghlegm, etc. (Are there too many 'g's there?) You know what, while watching the amazing The Amazing Race tonight, I started coughing. You what caused it? Those nasty people on the bus. The lesson? If you're sick, STAY AT HOME AND WATCH BERT etc!
- There is this kid that sits there looking so cool. He has an iPod with a little blue cover. He manages to look way cool even in his school uniform, though his white jacket does have a funny yellow stain on it. He is about 15 though, so that could be normal. His hair is perfectly coiffed. It's unneverving how cool someone can be.
- There is this rather clumsy man with a funny box who gets on the bus when it is already quite full, and there is something just very very clumsy about him. And the "cool" school kids don't want him to sit with them. But then because it's not a rough bus and these kids were probably actually brought up quite well and they are trying to rebel by being kinda mean in an attempt to be cool, they let him sit next to them by very slowly taking their bags off the seat. It's all very uncomfortable to watch.

I really can't be bothered going into all the business about the total dropkicks who catch the bus at other times besides 8:15am, I'll leave that for the next instalment.

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