Epic new BWO video

PopGoesCanberra has returned from Brisbane (report coming soon, features photos from PopGoesCanberra's amazing Robyn - including a Nicole Ritchie lookalike up-close and personal on the Gold Coast) to find the amazing new BWO video has landed. Look at it!!!!

Just in case you are blind and can only listen to the song, which you will hear is amazing, the video features Martin looking amazing, Marina looking amazing, Alexander looking as silly as usual, plus loads of animal-like creatures, including a cute little mousey one! Oh, and lots of lovely lasery light beams!

Meanwhile PopGoesCanberra is impressed with this new Canberran blog which transplants all the good stuff in PopGoesCanberra and puts it on an enviable trip to the Eurovision Song Contest.


EuroTrash said...

Howdy PGC!

Humble thanks for the links over to EuroTrashLand!! Tickled pink to be listed in your illustrious electronic publication, I am.

Unfortunately I am now back on home turf and trying to adjust to life after Helsinki.

If indeed you are interested in catching up for a post-Eurovision discussion (read: beer etc), ciaomucca@hotmail.com is the go.



AcerBen said...

Amazing is the only word for it indeed.

Keep up the good work ! I've linked you on my new blog, I'd be realllly grateful if you could link me back as we are all hungry for hits ;)