Coles Manuka: Worst supermarket in Canberra?

The answer is surely yes.

For the person who has just moved to the inner south of Canberra, Coles Manuka at first delights the senses. It is central, accessible, and stocked with a wide range of grocery items. It even has a little Asian and special foods section. Wowee.

But it starts to tire very quickly.

Most noticeable at first is the bizarre smell when you walk in. It's a complex blend of checkout staff greasy hair, doughey bread, half-cleaned floors and almost-off fish. Even Monsieur Grenouille from Perfume: The Scent of a Murderer would be disgusted.

Next, the prices. There are some decent specials, but the fruit and vegies are nowhere near the taste and good value that you'll find at Fyshwick markets. The breakfast cereal PopGoesCanberra prefers, Carmans, is approximately $0.25 dearer than at Woolworths. Nice eggs are ridiculously expensive.

Finally, the checkout operators. While there is the occasional stunning one who really should be in an Eastern European gay porn film, the vast majority have absolutely no charisma, dry, flaky lips and a weak "how are you" and "mind if I put the meat in the same bag?" They also have no idea how to work fast (obviously never been to Aldi) and tend to pack your bag in a way that makes it topple over as you are picking it up so your eggs all break, or just as you are getting out of your car at home the bag collapses because it is so weak and your yoghurt goes EVERYWHERE.

It's great that it employs local young people, but like, WHATEVER, how about sending them on some kind of course and developing their service skills? For fuck's sake...

I won't mention the decidely middle of the road soundtrack, that fails to inspire, apart from the occasional slice of Bardot or Shania Twain. BWO would NOT go astray.


Phil said...

Coles Manuka is the pits. Naomi Robson even said so once. Despite being open at all hours for junkies to buy chips and teaspoons, I suggest a short drive to Woden where all will be blessedly better.

bunnycoat said...

I agree - this is a very plain vanilla supermarket with inflated prices. I have challenged them about the prices in the past and the answer was that they price things according to the local demographic.

Unknown said...

"they price things according to the local demographic" In other words, it is near Mugga Lane and Red Hill sow they are gonna stick it to you even though you live in Narrabundah or the Causeway :-)

Tully said...

Anonymous critics can be so cruel. I live in the area and tolerate Coles........the layout, the smell ( due, no doubt, to the appalling design of the whole complex, the prices. However, to a person, the staff are hard working decent people who try their best in a challenging store, having to deal with all walks of life. And, believe you me, some of the worst behaviour I witness is that of people who are comfortably off and expect everything to work to their personal advantage. I am constantly surprised by the cheerfulness and professionalism of the staff ....... an admiring customer.

Nik said...

Nik said,
Really you can not find better things in your day to complain about. I have shopped at woden coles and woolworths and
manuka is a far better choice, i will shop their any day, its always clean and the fruit a veg is most of the time fresh, and
as the for staff they are hard working people, so what if they have flaky dry skin who gives a @#$*. I am not sure if i would put up with the shit customers they get, yes they are slow but they do have a self serve section. Pack your own bags or are we to good for that. In regards to differant prices all stores do that. Big W, Target, Coles, Woolworths, should i go on depending where the store is located will depend on pricing. I have never in my life posted comments on a blog but i thought i needed to. No i do not work at Coles i shop at coles Manuka by choose.

Unknown said...

Nik it's choice not choose :)