Bodies Without Organs "Prototype" Review

We promised a review of this after a more thorough listening, so here it is.

And boy have we listened. BWO has been ROCKING the streets of Canberra. "Rocking the boat" on Lake Burley Griffin if one wanted to be witty,

Beautiful Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra

and "burning the tarmac at Canberra International Airport."

Beautiful Canberra Airport

Kicking off the album is Sixteen Tons of Hardware. The best bit is obviously the ABBA reference and the acapella(ish) bit near the end that sounds bloody powerful. This song is about sex.


Conquering America is next. Probably the best song of 2004, it references Kylie Minogue, and American men who chew gum and smoke cigarettes, IN FRENCH! Perfection.

Next track is Son of a Gun. This is bloody awesome track. The best line is of course "And he fights like a son of a gun/son of a gun/aah aah/oh oh oh oh oh oh/son of a gun". Pure brilliance. The "aah aah" is orgasmic. I have no idea what a "son of a gun" is, but whenever I think someone is great, that they can walk the walk, then I tell them they are a "son of a gun." Even if they are a girl.

Open Door is next. It's grown on me. And what a great video!

But I've just got to get to Walking the Night. Who else but Alexander Bard would put in a lyric like "Planting my seed under street lights/cause passion is the root to my groove." That incidentally is one of the best bits of the song too.

Voodoo Magic is genius, especially "oh ooooh" and "You must have been the angel/who lost the grace of God/cos I can't stop repeating/your sweet hymn on my iPod."

Sunshine in the Rain is ridiculously catchy, particularly the terribly chirpy "When I'm in Berlin you're off to London/When I'm in New York you're doing Rome."

Riding Through the Night is my current FAVE. It's so DRAMATIC. "Rain! Thunder rolls! Pain! The night is cold!" And they name check themselves! Perfection!

Riding Through the Night's inspiration

Say I Love You is almost too dramatic. If Swedish Glamour was an Official Religion, then this track, and Alcazar's Dance with the DJ are its principal hymns.

Rhythm Divine
- skip. Sounds like Ace of Base had diarrohea.

European Psycho - brilliant lyrics, crap song.

Living in a Fantasy - it references brilliant sunken liners, astrology, frosty weather and the important issue of global warming! Gotta love it!

Gone! What a load of dog's bottoms! It's still Bodies Without Organs though isn't it!

Liner notes - brilliant.

Dogs' bottoms


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