Choice of DVDs in the Big Brother Reward Room

Do the producers of Big Brother, as well as the contestants themselves, have some kind of movie choice impediment? Because Kate and Michelle just went in to the Rewards room and have been inspecting their choice of DVDs to watch. The titles she reels off as she flicks through the cases reads like a who's who of awful movies...."Oh look at all the DVDs! BRAVEHEART! Electra! Daredevil! Alien vs Predator! Dodgeball! [admittedly that is quite a funny one] That awful disaster movie whose name I can't remember [that's me who can't remember]" and get this, Kate then goes "BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT." Ever heard of a decent movie, like Muriel's Wedding? Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain? Dancer in the Dark? Love Actually? American Beauty? Debbie Does Dallas?

They're just movies OK? Now get into that rose petal filled bath!


Fop said...

Imagine if they had Dancer In the Dark! Christie mightn't cope! (we barely did ourselves)

Actually, it would be fabulous if that was the ONLY film they had. And it was on a loop and they couldn't turn it off. This would be at least more interesting than the way things have gone recently.

popgoescanberra said...

Ha! They'd all ball their eyes out. I certainly did. Is that what you meant when you said "we barely did ourselves" or did you mean "we" as in "you." The latter I think. And it would provoke conversation. And maybe something exciting would happen and the newspapers could write stuff about it. Indeed!