Party Review: Cops and Robbers

A few weeks ago PopGoesCanberra attended a Cops and Robbers party.

Cop No. 1, PC Cathy BradfordCop No. 2, Robbie Cryer

Because PopGoesCanberra was too lazy-arsed to go to any trouble to get all dressed up for the party, we wrote a badge for ourselves saying that we were a "male prostitute working an illegal brothel on a boat on Lake Burley Griffin." This is an extremely witty reference to mid-90s soapie, Pacific Drive. The lowly people at the party didn't really notice it. They missed out.

Then night proceeded in a hot and sweaty fashion. Lots of people in a small space, an extreme lack of food and music, but plenty of drink, which I don't feel like drinking. Didn't feel like getting red wine tipped all over me by a silly TART either, so I left. The end.
Baddie, PC Gabriel Kent atttacks Kerry Young

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