Scourge of popular music

Sorry to be so negative, but really, I've had it up to here with these awful artists, they are desperately attempting to spoil my listening of the local radio station. They can all be lumped into the same category of hideousness:

Ben Harper

What a wanker. As soon as I hear a radio announcer say "here's a great new song from Ben Harper" I switch to ABC Newsradio. Ugh. Why listen to him when you could listen to Natalie Imbruglia's Come September?

Jack Johnson

Ugh. His cruisy laidback tones infuriate me. If someone offered me a free ride from Sydney to Brisbane and they said the soundtrack would be Ben Harper, no way would I accept. I have nothing against surfing mind you. His music is just awful. And he's so povo that he couldn't put off the photographer until a day when the weather was fine. Why listen to him when you could listen to Lisa Miskovsky's Sing to Me?

James Blunt

Just hideous. I mean really. Why listen to James Blunt when you could listen to Girls Aloud's Watch Me Go?

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