Lyrical analysis of Guy Sebastian's "Elevator Love"

Prompted by the ridiculous faux-Swedishness of Guy Sebastian's latest effort, I was spurred into listening to the lyrics after trying to sing Since U Been Gone/4 Ever/Just Want You to Know/U+Ur Hand over the top of the melody.

I ripped these lyrics off a Christian blog that is quite popular (if only mine were so) and is quite a fan of Guy.

This isn't going to be very in-depth, I warn you.

If I could, I would
Do it again, I’d do it again


I wouldn’t change a thing

Kylie reference!

We have love, and lose love
And do it again, and do it again

Catchy bit again!

But that’s just how we are
We come back just to throw it all away

Delta Goodrem reference!

Tell me it’s over
So we can do it all again
I’m addicted to this elevator love

First reference to an elevator! Strange given that the video is set in an elevator, and the name of the song revolves around the elevator. Makes me think of that great episode of Police Rescue where there was a small earthquake in Sydney and the whole episode was set inside a lift shaft and it made my palms and feet sweat as a 10 year old!

Tell me you miss me
And I will come back for one more day
I’m addicted to this elevator love
Elevator love

Well he certainly loves his elevator lovin'! Good on you, Guy. Nothing wrong with public places. But there certainly is no graphic detail of your elevator love...

We laugh, we cry
And do it again, do it again
We go to hell and back
But there’s something ’bout you

Jamelia reference!

I can’t keep away
Just can’t keep away
We know we’ll crash down
But I don’t want it any other way

Over and over and over we fall
We go up to come down, just to turn it around
And face it all again

Boring bit...


Well that's all a bit boring isn't it! Reminds me a bit though of a great scene where Phil and Debbie were getting it on in the lift at St Hughes on The Bill. It was HOT. Guy should have done something like that in his clip. Or described it in the lyrics.

Really, this song is just a big disappointment. It attempts to be Swedish, yet fails in its mediocrity. The lack of depth in the lyrics points to crapness.

Like Anthony Callea, who for some silly reason went to Italy to write songs for his album, Guy should book a flight to Stockholm immediately. Or not, so as to leave space in the writing huts for Shirley Clamp, Linda Bengtzing, etc, etc.


Mark said...

Thanks for the link. Hope you have a top New Years Eve and that you don't have to listen to any Guy songs or at least Elevator Love.



Anonymous said...

You're a brave man analysing a Guy Sebastian song but what it really shows is that is really nothing to the guy at all. I really think he is the most over-rated singer of the last few years. Half-baked songs sung with no feeling at all. Arguably, he can hit the right notes and do the vocal gymnastics but you need much more than that. Great music and great singers are about emotion and making you believe and that's where Guy falls flat.

Adelaide said...

I agree Elevator Love is not exactly one of the great songs of the 21st century. It was never meant to be. It was just a fun, pop song. A light bit of fluff.

But Grant this statement you made

"Great music and great singers are about emotion and making you believe and that's where Guy falls flat."

Really Grant, and what is your musical background, and what are your musical credentials to say that. Have you ever heard of Steve Cropper, soul music legend, American Rock Music Hall of Fame and American Songwriter's Hall Of Fame inductee, member of the greatest soul music band the world has ever seen, and co writer of some of the greatest soul songs. Also often called the greatest soul guitarist in the world. These are his words about Guy Sebastian. You can find them on Youtube, and Google videos, spoken straight from his mouth.

"I couldn’t believe this guy’s voice. I mean I literally .."

"He’s mindboggling, and he does it with so much feeling and real honest energy you know ..and to me that’s always been what sells records. He has it .. he has what we call in the business “chops”."

"I describe him to people, you know, I say "the man’s got a hundred voices, you know, and you never know which one he’s going to pull out next, you know”. But he does it with so much feeling. He’s so convincing with his voice. You can tell he’s really singing with feeling."

"He has taken this music, and made it his own. He's given it a new place in life. We all recognise that. And everybody I've played it for back home has said the same thing".

Now Steve has a great deal of respect for Guy, so much so that he has said that it has taken 40 years for him to find another singer to give him the same reaction he had when he first heard Otis Reading sing, and that singer is Guy Sebastian. Steve and the other Mgs have just finished an Australian tour as Guy's backing band, and they want to do more work with Guy too, including having him as their singer at some upcoming festivals in the USA. Now Grant, you where saying?